The Lord’s Prayer in Garifuna

Even if you are not a Christian or not even a religious person, you will enjoy watching and listening to this Garifuna version of the Lord’s Prayer:

Lafureidun Aburemei

Waguchi Bungiu, lidan sun fulasu,
Nubi la barueihan woun
Aduguwa la le babuserum
Lidan mua, lidan sun fulasu. (aguyugua la)
Ru ru, ru ru, ru ru…


Our Father, God, present everwhere
May your reign come to us. May your
will be done on earth and every where.

During the song everybody holds hands using their pinky fingers while swaying and bending knees to the beat of the song. At certain points of the song there is a bow and then everybody raises their hands together.

The full Lord’s Prayer is as follows:

Wáguchi Búngiu le siélubei (Our Father, who art in Heaven),
inébewalá bíri (hallowed be Thy name),
Nübinlá bidáani lun barúeijan ya uboúagu (Thy Kingdom come),
Adügüwalá bugúndan (Thy will be done),
uboúagu quei ladügüniwa bugúndan (on earth),
siélu (as it is in heaven).
Rúba fein buídurügütu woun lun wéyu le ugúñebei (Give us this day our daily bread),
Ferúdunabei wuríbati le adüga wamáalibei quei ferúduna wamániña ja adügübaña wuríbati woun (and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us),
Mígira báwa lun wáburujan lídoun wuríbani (and lead us not into temptation),
dísegüdarügü báwa luei (but deliver us from evil),
Ladüga anürü le arúeijabei, amürü le Súntibei Gabáfu, amürü le weírigubei lun sun dan. Ítaralá. (For the kingdom, the power, and the glory, are Yours now and forever. Amen.)


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