The Toledo District

(Above photo courtesy of Hillside Health Care International:

The Toledo district is the southern-most district in Belize, and has only one town – Punta Gorda, known throughout Belize simply as “PG”.  PG is on the coast, but scattered throughout the district are over 50 small rural villages.

Despite its long coastline, there are few sandy beaches in Toledo, as it is natural mangrove area, but a short boat trip can take you to stunning unspoilt and uninhabited sandy cayes, for great snorkelling and diving opportunities.  Inland areas boast large areas of unspoilt jungle, much of which are designated as protected parks, kept lush by the nightly rains most of the year.


PG Sea front: Photo courtesy of

Toledo IS the wettest district in Belize, and especially during the months June – November, you may witness some loud and impressive lightning storms, but they are almost all after dark, and by daytime the skies clear and leave you with beautiful sunshine to enjoy your activities.

In Toledo you will see and hear all the different ethnic groups and languages of Belize: in town the Garinagu people are largest in numbers, but with large Maya, East Indian and Creole populations too.  Most of the villages are either Kekchi or Mopan Maya communities, but there is also one Garifuna village (Barranco), one traditional Mennonite village (Pine Hill) and a small number of East Indian and Creole communities.


Welcome to Punta Gorda: Photo courtesy of

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