Drum-Making Lessons/Demonstration

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Our drum-making lessons show you the basics of making a Garifuna drum – from chiselling, planing and sanding a solid log into shape, preparing the deerskin, making the natural wood pins to tighten the ropes, attaching the skin,to the final finishing touches.

It is an intensive and time-consuming process to make a drum from start to finish: depending how long a lesson/demonstration you book, the more steps you can personally try for yourself!

1005291_589282644466036_1265463871_nWe will show you how it is done the traditional way – without the use of power tools – so be prepared to warm-up your arm muscles!    If it up to you how “hands-on” you want the lesson to be.

Drum-making lessons start at $50Bz per hour for a one-to-one lesson.

If you want to do an entire drum-making workshop (where you get to make your own drum from start to finish, with a few shortcuts for you along the way!) you will need to be available for two days, with at least a week between each day due to the time taken for the deerskin to dry.  The cost, including taking home your own primero drum, is $800Bz.

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